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Energy Infrastructure Projects

Onshore, offshore, deepwater and specialty projects throughout North America, the Gulf of Mexico & beyond.


Midland Tank Farm
7 Tanks with 3.13 MM Bbls Capacity Added to Terminal
Rover Pipeline
700 Mile Interstate Natural Gas Pipeline & Meter Stations
Aegis Pipeline System
270 Mile, 20”/16” Ethane Pipeline from Mont Belvieu, TX to Napoleonville, LA
Baton Rouge Terminal Project
Concept development, engineering, project management, GIS & inspection to supply Import-Export facility.
Powder River Basin
Pipeline & facility construction to supply Pronghorn unit train loading facility, near Douglas Wyoming.
Seaway Pipeline
PCS supplied pipeline traceability and compliance services for 62,138 welds captured with C.A.T.S.® and document management for 242,280 documents with Epilogue®
ATEX Express Pipeline System
Multiple Spread Support on 1,230 mile Pipeline from Utica Shale to Mt. Belvieu, including C.A.T.S. ® Traceability
BakkenLink Pipeline System
132 Mile, 12" Williston Basin Crude to Rail Interconnect
Bartow Lateral
Approximately 17.8 miles of 20-inch pipeline in Tampa Bay from a hot-tap on the existing 36-inch Gulfstream Line through an HDD shore approach to a pig receiver.
Eagle Ford South Crude Expansion
Comprehensive project management, design and inspection for 3 lateral crude oil pipelines and 7 central gathering points.
Fryburg Terminal
Rail & Truck Loading Terminal in Bakken
Lone Star West Texas Gateway
Project management support, engineering and design of pipeline and meter stations, project controls, and bid preparation.
Port Arthur Terminal Pipelines
Co-laid products pipelines were installed from Refined Products Terminal to the Tank & Export Terminals.
Power Plant Natural Gas Pipelines
39 Miles of 16" and 24" natural gas pipelines in Mississippi and Alabama.
Pronghorn Terminal
Crude Oil Import / Export Terminal in Powder River Basin
Texas Express Pipeline
Full traceability, project management and construction assurance on 593 mile, 20" intrastate pipeline.
Tiger Expansion Pipeline
20 miles of 42" Natural Gas Loop Lines in Bienville Parish, Louisiana.
Tiger Pipeline
180 miles of 42" X-70 Pipe & 21 Meter Stations
VCM Pipeline
8" x 13.3 mile Pipeline System designed to transport Vinyl Chloride Monomer between Processing Plants.
West Texas LPG
Hydrotesting 149 miles pipe, Rebuilding 5 Pumping Stations, & Installation of 40 miles of new 12" pipe.
Whitson Pipeline and Compressor Station
8 miles of 10" Pipeline to Transport Methane Gas to Interconnect
Prince Rupert Gas Transmission
Pre-FEED, FEED, bid management and project leadership in preparation for the proposed onshore and offshore Canadian pipeline.
Allegheny Extension
12" pipeline from steel catenary riser to a PLES (3,300 fsw), and 16" pipeline from PLES to a subsea tie-in (600 fsw)
Texas Offshore Port System (TOPS)
Crude oil delivery port was envisioned offshore the Texas coastline.
Blue Atlantic Transmission System - Study
Proposed 1,000 miles of new offshore & onshore pipelines, four platforms, gas processing & compression station.
Cameron Highway Oil Pipeline
380 miles of 30" & 24" Diameter Pipeline Segments from Deepwater Production Sites to Texas City & Port Neches, Texas.
Gulfstream Natural Gas System
Marine portion of 744-mile system originates near Mobile, AL and crosses the Gulf of Mexico with more than 400 miles of 36-inch
Atlantis Deepwater Oil & Gas Platform
Flow Line & Injection Line Construction on Deepest Moored Floating Dual Oil & Gas Production Facility
Cameron Highway Oil Pipeline Onshore
51 miles of 24" Diameter Pipeline Segments from Offshore Production Sites to Texas City & Port Neches, Texas.
Creole Trail Pipeline & Sabine Pass LNG
Expansion and reversal of natural gas system to LNG Export Facility.
Delta Express Pipeline
78 miles of 24" pipeline and 3 miles of 16" pipeline with over 26 HDD's including crossings of the Mississippi and Yazoo Rivers.
Destin Pipeline
117 miles of 36", 17 miles of 30", & 2 miles of 16" Pipeline
Discovery Pipeline System
105 mile, 30-inch diameter mainline pipeline from the edge OCS at Ewing Bank Block 873 to the new plant site in Larose.
Esperanza LNG - Study
Floating LNG re-gasification unit at the offshore facility, 15 miles from the Port of Long Beach.
Green Canyon 209 Pipeline System
12" & 16" gas export pipeline originating at the 3,285 foot water depth in the Green Canyon Block 254 Allegheny field.
Green Pipeline
24" X-80 grade steel pipeline approximately 314 miles in length transporting approximately 800 MMscf / day of CO2.
Gulf Coast Natural Gas Pipeline Pre-FEED
348 Miles of 36" diameter, X-70 pipeline transporting natural gas to supply the growing Florida market
Integrity Survey
Pipeline integrity survey program to inspect and evaluate approximately eighteen pipeline segments ranging in diameter from 16" to 30" and in lengths up to 90 miles.
Jackson Dome Laterals
Development of twelve pipeline laterals totaling 47.3 miles of 6" to 20" pipelines.
Jay Field Pre-FEED Assessment
Pre-Front End Engineering and Design Study & Due Diligence Assessment of Risks & Permitting Requirements.
Kemper Line
61 mile, 16-inch O.D. sequestration line designed to transport CO2
Main Pass Block 252 to South Pass Block 55
94 miles of 20" pipe from Main Pass Block 252 to South Pass Block 55 and 6 miles of 16" pipe from Viosca Knoll Block 817.
Massachusetts Bay 30-inch Pipeline
30" diameter offshore pipeline approximately 29 miles in length constructed in the environmentally sensitive waters of Massachusetts Bay.
Medusa Downstream Gas Pipeline
Construction and installation of a new truss SPAR at a water depth of 2,220' in Mississippi Canyon Block 582.
Mississippi Canyon 243 10" Gas Export Pipeline
TLP in Mississippi Canyon 243 in 2810' and terminating at a subsea tie-in MC 20 in 550'.
Mobile Bay Block 822 Flowlines & Utility Pipelines
Production flowline and two utility pipelines that extended between a minimal wellhead facility in Mobile Bay Block 822 to a production facility.
Prince Export Pipelines
Modec Tension Leg Platform (TLP), four in-field flowlines, one gas export Steel Catenary Riser (SCR)/pipeline and one oil export SCR/pipeline.
TCV Pipeline
81 mile, 12-inch O.D. sequestration line designed to transport CO2 captured by a post combustion carbon capture system.
West African Gas Pipeline
Installation of a 57 km 30-inch onshore pipeline and onshore compression station in Nigeria, construction of a 579 km offshore pipeline distribution system