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Building Software Solutions for Infrastructure Construction

Our technology group develops & implements leading-edge solutions to: meet expanding regulatory requirements, support project manager demands, provide operational & field resources.

Solution Implementation

PCS integrates best-in-class solutions for data collection, data aggregation, document management, and business intelligence. Our solutions are tailored to the needs of energy infrastructure construction and help clients get the most out of digitizing their business processes.

Mobile Data Collection, Traceability, Records Management, Data Visualization

Customized Modules

Every project has it's challenges. These solution modules each help solve specific problems that may occur on a pipeline construction progress and can be integrated into any implementation.

Data Aggregation, Processing Workflows, Solutions Integrations

Legacy Data OCR & Digitization

Convert physical records into digital records that are searchable and easily retrievable. In the process, gain peace of mind that you have all of the documentation now required of your pipeline.

Design and Construction Records, MTR & NDT, Job Books, Qualifications Records

Data Science

Our team can help you leverage predictive analytics and move beyond the limits of descriptive business intelligence.

Data Modeling, Business Intelligence, Trend Visualization

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