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Certified Inspection

Our personnel have been involved in hundreds of pipeline installation projects, directional drills, beach approaches, river crossings, high temperature and H2S pipelines. Construction, metering facilities, pressure vessels, interconnecting piping, along with instrumentation and electrical inspections, have been performed by PCS® personnel.


Facility & Terminal


Data Management

We deliver on commercial projects through our breadth of discipline expertise.

Environmental GIS Supply Chain Management PCS® Technologies Compliance & Integrity

Proprietary Technology

Our success to delivering on projects over the past 25 years stems from the people with the right expertise and proprietary technologies that we've developed for better project controls and more efficient construction timelines.

Mobile Data Collection, Traceability, Records Management, Data Visualization

Mobile Inspection Forms TM

Field Intelligence. At Your Fingertips.

Mobile Inspection FormsTM can streamline the full inspection reporting process during construction. This large data set is turned into actionable insights and predictive analytics visualized through dashboards in Epilogue®. Focused modules tailor our simple but powerful field data collection to your needs.

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Here's the Missing Piece. Don't Build Without It.

C.A.T.S.® manages material inventory and traceability data before and during construction. Detailed inventory reporting dashboards show where your project materials are. Asset-level traceability data can be integrated with an advanced GIS platform and Asset Data Summary within Epilogue® for complete peace of mind.

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Epilogue ®

Stay in Control of Projects.

Epilogue® serves as an integration platform for all of your pipeline asset data and documentation. Data gathered from project documents Mobile Inspection FormsTM, and C.A.T.S.® is visualized in Business Intelligence Dashboards and GIS Project Maps. Have project questions? Epilogue ® has the answers.

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Data Science

Turning Raw Data into Actionable Insights

We move your digital strategies forward. Our consultants help streamline processes and focus your data gathering and analytics efforts where they will be most useful. Our developers help implement integrated cloud solutions with effective data-capture front ends, business intelligence, and advanced analytics. We have your back-end covered.

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