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Preserving the Past, Building for the Future
The Importance of Digital Archiving for Historical Pipeline Construction Records
Top Considerations for Converting Existing Pipelines to CO2
Original Design Basis + Future State (Gas or Liquid)
Why Have So Few Carbon Capture Projects Been Fully Funded?
The short answer ... it hasn't been done commercially "at scale" before now.
Energy Beyond Infrastructure
PCS Team Using Project Management Expertise to Help the Greater Birmingham Humane Society (GBHS)
Digitizing the Telecommunications Construction Workflow
How can construction progress easily be reported across a program of broadband expansions, inventories kept up to date and surplus materials identified to save money on future project?
Regulatory 101: Edition 3 - Real-World Application of Regulatory Framework
Understanding the regulatory component for a project is key for a successful execution.
New Regulatory Requirements Impacting Producers & Gas Gathering Operators
New Category of Regulated Onshore Gas Gathering Lines (Type C)
USACE CWA Permit Program Suspended
Water Quality Certification Rule Vacated
Regulatory 101: Edition 2 Commonly Encountered Environmental Regulations for Pipeline Projects
Physical, Biological, Cultural
Regulatory 101: Edition 1 Where & Why
Have you wondered where environmental regulations originate and why we must adhere to them?
The Lesser Prairie-Chicken Saga, 2.0
Creating a more complex, costly and time-consuming permitting process.
2021 BOEM Gulf of Mexico Emission Inventory
BOEM is introducing a new online system to report emissions called OCS AQS
BOEM Final Air Rules Scale Back Burdensome Proposed Rules from 2016
Minor modifications to the existing rules that will facilitate timely approvals.
NWP-12 Suspension
Solutions & Insights: NWP-12 Suspension
Pipeline Stress 101
Engineering for Non-Engineers
What You (And I) Didn’t Know About Automating Pipeline Inspection Reporting
I thought I knew everything about the subject. I was wrong.
Did a Manufacturer Falsify your Data?
It happened to 200 companies, maybe even yours!
Do You Need a 408 Review?
USACE 408 Review Permitting Update
5 Tips for Scalable Mobile Data Collection
7 Lessons We Learned from 2016
PCS Experts Reflect and Look Forward to 2017
An Alliance for the Future
Oil & Gas Industry and Louisiana Coastal Restoration
Galveston Corps to Reassess Policies and Procedures for Decommissioning of Pipelines in Place
Lesser Prairie Chicken Update
Louisiana to Lift Oyster Moratorium
New Financial Security Requirements for Offshore Operators
New Regulations from BOEM in the OCS
4 Steps to Facilities Traceability
Tackling the Multi-Dimensional Data & Records Challenge
GoFormz Announces Platform as a Service Agreement with PCS
Energy Consulting and Solutions Leader to Integrate GoFormz’ Mobile Forms Platform
Gathering Operators, Have You Met PHMSA?
NPRM Proposes to Change Requirements for Currently Unregulated Onshore Natural Gas Gathering Systems
The Managers of Change
Implementing Management of Change in the Midstream
Changes to the Keys of Technology Innovation
Corps of Engineers Nationwide Permits Updates
Nationwide Permits Frequently Used for Midstream & Upstream Projects.
Engineer Meets GIS Specialist
Innovations in Construction Methodology
10 Steps to Build Innovative Technology
Helping Pipeliners Love Technology
What Does Cholera Have to Do with Pipelines?
The Unexpected Upside of Poor Pipe Maintenance
Preventing Fracture in CO2 Transmission Pipeline Systems
Fracture | preventing the pipeline from cracking
5 Regulatory Considerations for 2016
5 More Myths About Pipeline Inspection
Realities behind some industry myths
Design of CO2 Transmission Pipeline Systems
Part 1: Hydraulics
5 Myths About Pipeline Inspection
Seasoned Inspector shares the reality behind some industry myths
Clean Water Act Final Rule
Clarifying intended scope of adjacent wetlands jurisdiction.
Deep Jurisdiction of the Corps of Engineers
Permitting Pipelines on the OCS
Integrity Management Requirements to Limit Operator Interpretation & Flexibility
Dawn of IMP 2.0 Roll-Out
Avoiding Regulatory Delays Through Preparedness & Traceability
Logistical Challenges with Pipeline Expansion