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Main Pass Block 252 to South Pass Block 55, Viosca Knoll Gathering System


Commodity:Crude Oil
Length:110 miles
Location:Gulf of Mexico (GOM)

Main Pass Block 252 to South Pass Block 55

Viosca Knoll Gathering System

The Viosca Knoll Gathering System (VKGS) consists of 94 miles of 20-inch pipe from Main Pass Block 252 to South Pass Block 55 and 6 miles of 16-inch pipe from Viosca Knoll Block 817 to Main Pass Block 289. The facilities include three meter stations, three pig launchers/receivers, a deck extension and miscellaneous platform piping. Water depths range from 260 to 675 feet of water along the pipeline route.


Project Consulting Services®, Inc. (PCS) was selected to provide services for permitting, design, procurement and project management from project inception through completion. The significant services provided were:

  • Prepared detailed cost estimates
  • Completed pipeline design, including, but not limited to, riser and subsea tie-ins, pipeline crossings, pipeline span analysis and design
  • Handled all regulatory permitting and notifications
  • Coordinated and managed site hazard surveys and pipeline route surveys
  • Provided on-site inspection services during hazard and pipeline route survey work
  • Identified, specified and requisitioned materials, including pipe, coatings, valves, equipment and provided vendor surveillance
  • Provided design and construction management of platform piping
  • Acted as liaison with third party contractors
  • Coordinated and managed site hazard surveys and pipeline route surveys
  • Assisted in detailed evaluation of all installation contractor bids and equipment
  • Reviewed and approved contractor installation procedures, third party subcontractors and welding procedures
  • Developed all AFC drawings
  • Executed on-site project management and inspection
  • The South Pass Block 55 riser tie-in provided a unique challenge due to external forces generated by mudflows in this area.

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