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Prince Export Pipelines, Ewing Bank Block 1003


Commodity:Crude Oil
Location:Gulf of Mexico (GOM)

Prince Export Pipelines

Ewing Bank Block 1003

Prince Pipelines development in Ewing Bank Block 1003 consists of a new Modec Tension Leg Platform (TLP), four in-field flowlines, one gas export Steel Catenary Riser (SCR)/pipeline and one oil export SCR/pipeline. The 12-inch gas export SCR/Pipeline, capable of flowing 230 MMSCFD, departs the TLP, via an SCR, and extends to the Manta Ray Platform located in South Timbalier Block 292. The 12-inch oil export SCR/Pipeline, capable of flowing 50,000 bbl/day, departs the TLP, via an SCR, and extends to a subsea tie-in to the 16-inch Poseidon Pipeline in Ewing Banks Block 873.

 The Prince TLP is located in approximately 1,500 feet of water, which created the challenge to design the SCR's to resist high fatigue factors associated with the shallowest water depths in which an SCR has ever been installed.


Project Consulting Services®, Inc.. (PCS) provided services for the Prince Oil and Gas Export Pipelines/SCRs as follows:

  •  EngineeringDesign drawings
  • Permitting
  • Assisted El Paso's PurchasingDepartment for material sourcing and expediting
  • Project and construction management
  • Inspection

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