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Allegheny Extension, 12


Commodity:Natural Gas
Length:12" - 4 Miles, 16" - 23 Miles
Location:Gulf of Mexico

Allegheny Extension

12" Pipeline at 3,300 fsw & 16" Pipeline at 600 fsw

4 Miles of 12” Natural Gas Pipeline: Pipeline from a steel catenary riser to a PLES (3,300 fsw). The 12” portion of the pipeline has a design pressure of 2,220 psig (ANSI 900#). 

23 Miles of 16” Natural Gas Pipeline: Pipeline from the PLES to a subsea tie-in (600 fsw). The 16” portion of the pipeline has a design pressure of 4,500 psig (ANSI 1500#) to allow for future expansion. The PLES on the 16” pipeline has a piggable wye fitting and spare mechanical collet connector hub that was used for Front Runner expansion (also designed by PCS). Connection via interconnecting jumper with mechanical collet connectors.

PCS Scope of Work

PCS scope included pipeline design for each segment, PLES, route and tie-in site survey management and analysis, interconnecting assemblies: expansion analysis, finite element analysis, flexibility study, system integration testing, installation methodology and analysis, and remote pressure monitoring system.

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