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Mississippi Canyon 243 10" Gas Export Pipeline, Tension Leg Platform to Subsea Tie-In


Commodity:Natural Gas
Length:16 miles
Location:Gulf of Mexico (GOM)

Mississippi Canyon 243 10" Gas Export Pipeline

Tension Leg Platform to Subsea Tie-In

The Mississippi Canyon 243 project consisted of a 10-inch gas export pipeline originating at a TLP in Mississippi Canyon 243 in 2810 fsw and terminating at a subsea tie-in MC 20 in 550 fsw. The export line consisted of a 10-inch SCR/pipeline approximately 16 miles in length and tied into an existing 20-inch pipeline. The tie in with the 20-inch tie-in required a hot-tap to be performed.


Project Consulting Services®, Inc. (PCS) was selected to provide services for permitting, project management, engineering support, and inspection. The following tasks were performed by PCS personnel:

  • Permitting Applications
  • Pipeline engineering and drafting services
  • Preparation of bid packages, evaluated and negotiated contracts for offshore construction activities
  • Review of contractors' installation procedures, welding procedures and third-party subcontractors
  • Project / construction management and engineering support
  • Project inspection

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