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Top Considerations for Converting Existing Pipelines to CO2

Conversion of service to CO2 for existing pipelines requires specific considerations around the original design basis and future-state of shipping demands to begin the process of developing a risk profile to determine project and operational cost analyses. ... Continue Reading

Why Have So Few Carbon Capture Projects Been Fully Funded?

With so much money available and tremendous political will, why aren’t we seeing sequestration hubs popping up everywhere? The short answer ... it hasn't been done before now. ... Continue Reading

Energy Beyond Infrastructure

PCS is serving as project manager/owner’s representative in coordination with leadership at the Greater Birmingham Humane Society (GBHS), two architectural firms specialized in animal and “medical model” veterinary facilities, and a hospital focused construction contractor to develop this project. ... Continue Reading

Digitizing the Telecommunications Construction Workflow

As the world adopts distance learning, telemedicine, and remote working as new platforms for previously in-person services, the need for faster and more reliable internet and phone services are obvious. In response to this demand, the U.S. government has launched the ReConnect Program which furnishes grants and loans to provide the funds necessary to deliver broadband services in rural areas. Telecommunication companies building out broadband into these rural areas are facing pronounced supply chain, inventory and project management issues ... Continue Reading

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