Project Consulting Services®, Inc.

Owner's Engineer & Energy Infrastructure Partner

Project Consulting Services,® Inc. is a pipeline and pipeline facility engineering firm, specializing in all phases from concept evaluation, commissioning, and operational support. We are dedicated to delivering projects and partnerships that exceed client expectations, providing engineering, project management, inspection, geospatial information management, material traceability, regulatory assurance, permitting, environmental, and specialty consulting services to energy projects throughout North America.

Natural Gas | Crude Oil | NGL | Refined Products | LNG | CO2

Transmission pipeline and oil/gas gathering system engineering.


Design, construction & project management of 1,000's of miles of transmission pipelines, gathering systems & flowlines with a proven record of design integrity & support.

Gas, oil and refined products facility engineering.


Meter stations, pump stations, terminals (tank, rail, truck, marine).

Crude storage tank terminals, marine export interconnect engineering.

Terminals & Storage

Tank farms, rail loading terminals, and export terminals, connecting transmission pipelines, trunk lines, & gathering systems.

Offshore Oil and Gas Engineering, GoM - Gulf of Mexico


Offshore and subsea engineering services from flowlines to export terminals, spanning from the Gulf of Mexico (GOM), Pacific & Atlantic Coasts, Alaska, Indonesia & Africa.

Pipeline Professionals Integrating Advanced Software

The modern project experience leverages technology and industry best practices to maximize safety and efficiency of building and maintaining energy infrastructure assets. While designing and building hundreds of miles of pipelines, we built software that helps the field and back office execute and communicate more effectively. PCS® people, processes, and technology form a truly best-in-class Solution.

Mobile Inspection Forms, Powered by PCS
C.A.T.S. v4.0 - Construction Automated Tracking System for Pipeline Installation
Epilogue Pipeline Project Management Hub

Mobile Data Collection, Traceability, Records Management, Data Visualization

Mobile Inspection Forms TM

Field Intelligence. At Your Fingertips.

Mobile Inspection FormsTM can streamline the full inspection reporting process during construction. This large data set is turned into actionable insights and predictive analytics visualized through dashboards in Epilogue®. Focused modules tailor our simple but powerful field data collection to your needs.

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Here's the Missing Piece. Don't Build Without It.

C.A.T.S.® manages material inventory and traceability data before and during construction. Detailed inventory reporting dashboards show where your project materials are. Asset-level traceability data can be integrated with an advanced GIS platform and Asset Data Summary within Epilogue® for complete peace of mind.

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Epilogue ®

Stay in Control of Projects.

Epilogue® serves as an integration platform for all of your pipeline asset data and documentation. Data gathered from project documents, Mobile Inspection FormsTM, and C.A.T.S.® is visualized in Business Intelligence Dashboards and GIS Project Maps. Have project questions? Epilogue ® has the answers.

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Data Science

Turning Raw Data into Actionable Insights

We move your digital strategies forward. Our consultants help streamline processes and focus your data gathering and analytics efforts where they will be most useful. Our developers help implement integrated cloud solutions with effective data-capture front ends, business intelligence, and advanced analytics. We have your back-end covered.

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Custom Modules

Data Aggregation, Processing Workflows, Solution Integrations

The catalyst behind developing all our solutions is rooted in solving a particular need for one of our clients. We have the team of internal developers, led by pipeline professionals, to develop solutions that no one has created or is custom to your organization.

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Traceable Pipeline Mileage

traceable miles.

Pipeline Joints Tracked

pipeline joints tracked.

Mobile Inspection Forms Submitted from Field

daily forms submitted.

Millions of Data Points Collected
+75 Million

data points captured.

Specialty Services

Project Development

Evaluating a capital project? Our team can help you in determining project feasibility, preliminary route assessments, contractor bid management and procurement.

Technical Expertise

Our team of career subject matter experts (SME's) provide technical & operational insights to leadership teams, equity firms and act as expert witness.

M&A Transactions

We provide preliminary reviews, due diligence, environmental site assessments and assist in operational transitions for mergers and acquisitions.

Data Science

When complex data and analytics of new projects, or legacy assets, require customized technology solutions, our technology team pairs their capacities with our industry experts to develop custom solutions for clients.

Our Team, Expertise & Solutions = Lean & Efficient Projects

We bring in the right specialists, with the right experience to deliver for our clients.


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