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Professional Engineers

PCS® is fully staffed with registered professional engineers, designers, and construction specialists to provide custom designs, offering our clients innovative, economical, and installable pipelines and related facilities. We provide engineering support for the development of permit applications, project cost estimates, detailed scheduling, construction drawings and material specifications.

Pipeline Design Engineering & Drafting

For over 25 years, we've designed and managed 1,000’s of miles of transmission pipelines, gathering systems & flowlines with a proven record of design integrity & support.

Our Computer Aided Drafting Design (CADD) team is experienced and diversified in service supporting project management and design engineering needs. Customers can expect to receive accurate, precise, and professional drawings, completed within the customers’ project schedule and parameters. The drawings generally range from the conceptual/preliminary stages of an individual project to issued-for-construction and as-built drawings.

Pipelines, Installation & Mechanical, Production Systems, Electrical & Instrumentation (E&I), HDD, River Crossings

Facility Design Engineering & Drafting

Engineering & project management for commodity transportation through tank farms, rail loading terminals, and export terminals, connecting transmission pipelines, trunk lines, & gathering systems. We are a premier provider for LNG marine terminals throughout North America, completing multiple projects in the Gulf of Mexico, Canada & the Northeast US.

PCS' facilities group has numerous professionals with process equipment knowledge, as well as, project management experience for commercial projects.

Storage Terminals | Pump Stations | Meter Skids | Pig Launchers & Receivers | Rail Loading | Truck Docks | Marine Export Terminals

Marine, Subsea & Deepwater

Our proven service record of accomplishments extends worldwide for providing exceptional quality, innovative management and professional integrity. Our project portfolio encompasses construction, expansion & feasibility of oil & gas resources through environmentally sensitive wetlands and continues offshore from large diameter shallow water construction to ultra-deepwater field development.

We have provided project leadership to major development projects of large diameter long span pipelines and supporting risers, facilities, stations & onshore terminal tie-ins throughout the Gulf of Mexico & Global Projects.

Port Connections, Offload Bouys, Decommissioning, Subsea Tie-Ins, Flowlines, Floating Production Storage Offloading (FPSO), Truss SPARs, Riser Design, SRC

Specifications & Standards

Development of project-specific standards for pipeline and facility installations, as well as, review of engineering design packages to meet all regualtory, industry and operator standards.

Project Specification Development | Specification & Standards Review

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