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2021 BOEM Gulf of Mexico Emission Inventory

BOEM is introducing a new online system to report emissions called OCS AQS

The reason for the emission inventory is to demonstrate that BOEM regulated operations are complying with the OCS Lands Act – which includes compliance with the Clean Air Act.

For 2021, BOEM is introducing a new online system to report emissions called OCS AQS which replaces the older GOADS reporting database system.

General information for the 2021 OCS Emissions Inventory can be found at: 2021-OCS-Emissions-Inventory.

The data required to be reported is similar to the data required by the past GOADS reporting required since year 2000. This data includes:

  • Descriptive data (emission source ID, make, model, capacity, stack parameters, etc.).
  • Activity data (runtime, fuel used, vent/flare volumes, throughputs, etc.) summarized for each month
  • Data required for all months that the company was the operator of record.

New features in OCS AQS that were not in past GOADS reporting include:

  • Drilling rigs, when connected to the seafloor or a platform are required to report emissions.
  • Construction support vessels connected to a platform are required to report emissions.  See OCS AQS FAQs document online for listing.
  • The OCS AQS user will use the OCS AQS online system to calculate emissions based on the descriptive and activity data input.
  • Online submittal of descriptive, activity and facility emissions data.
  • Importing and exporting of facility emissions sources and activity data.
  • Online mapping tool.

Accessing OCS AQS

For detailed instructions go to Instruction for Accessing OCS AQS: https://www.boem.gov/2021-OCS-Emissions-Inventory.

Operators will be sent an email invitation. If an operator does not get an invitation, then they can request one by sending an email request to: mailto:ocs.aqs_support@weblakes.com. This email will be based on the previous contact used for GOADS 2017.  This will establish the Designated Operator contact.

The basic instructions are:

  • Designated Operator will create an account with login.gov.
  • After creating login.gov account go to https://www.ocsaqs.doi.gov/ to log in to OCS AQS site. 
    Operators may have to contact the site administrator at ocs.aqs_support@weblakes.com to get account setup and access.
  • The Designated Operator must request accounts for their consultants.  

AQS OCS Reporting Period

January 1 – December 31, 2021

AQS OCS 2017 Submittal Due Date

April 22, 2022

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