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Founded in Offshore Oil & Gas Projects

Since 1992, PCS® has been a leader in offshore engineering and installation of infrastructure within the Gulf of Mexico, Canada, Africa and Asia.

Asset Life Cycle Timeline

Featured Projects

Bartow Lateral
Approximately 17.8 miles of 20-inch pipeline in Tampa Bay from a hot-tap on the existing 36-inch Gulfstream Line through an HDD shore approach to a pig receiver.
Prince Rupert Gas Transmission
Pre-FEED, FEED, bid management and project leadership in preparation for the proposed onshore and offshore Canadian pipeline.
Allegheny Extension
12" pipeline from steel catenary riser to a PLES (3,300 fsw), and 16" pipeline from PLES to a subsea tie-in (600 fsw)
Texas Offshore Port System (TOPS)
Crude oil delivery port was envisioned offshore the Texas coastline.
Blue Atlantic Transmission System - Study
Proposed 1,000 miles of new offshore & onshore pipelines, four platforms, gas processing & compression station.
Cameron Highway Oil Pipeline
380 miles of 30" & 24" Diameter Pipeline Segments from Deepwater Production Sites to Texas City & Port Neches, Texas.
Gulfstream Natural Gas System
Marine portion of 744-mile system originates near Mobile, AL and crosses the Gulf of Mexico with more than 400 miles of 36-inch
Atlantis Deepwater Oil & Gas Platform
Flow Line & Injection Line Construction on Deepest Moored Floating Dual Oil & Gas Production Facility
Discovery Pipeline System
105 mile, 30-inch diameter mainline pipeline from the edge OCS at Ewing Bank Block 873 to the new plant site in Larose.
Esperanza LNG - Study
Floating LNG re-gasification unit at the offshore facility, 15 miles from the Port of Long Beach.
Green Canyon 209 Pipeline System
12" & 16" gas export pipeline originating at the 3,285 foot water depth in the Green Canyon Block 254 Allegheny field.
Main Pass Block 252 to South Pass Block 55
94 miles of 20" pipe from Main Pass Block 252 to South Pass Block 55 and 6 miles of 16" pipe from Viosca Knoll Block 817.
Massachusetts Bay 30-inch Pipeline
30" diameter offshore pipeline approximately 29 miles in length constructed in the environmentally sensitive waters of Massachusetts Bay.
Medusa Downstream Gas Pipeline
Construction and installation of a new truss SPAR at a water depth of 2,220' in Mississippi Canyon Block 582.
Mobile Bay Block 822 Flowlines & Utility Pipelines
Production flowline and two utility pipelines that extended between a minimal wellhead facility in Mobile Bay Block 822 to a production facility.

Over 25 Years of Excellence.

PCS was founded on March 1, 1992. 25 years later, Gary Vogt (founder) and Dwayne Templet (an original PCS engineer) tell the story of the earliest of days at PCS.

Our success stems from our innovative staff that understands successful partnerships with our clients depend on our ability to manage each project from the clients' perspective and on consistently delivering beyond expectations. Your project is our priority.

PCS’s foundation is rooted in offshore engineering and consulting services, contributing to the installation of major projects, including: deepwater, Gulf of Mexico, international development and pipelines off North America, Africa and the Far East. Over the past decade, we have also moved onshore to complete numerous transmission, gathering and specialty projects, consisting of thousands of miles of pipeline installations.