Visual Trends & Insights

What value does your data have if you do not learn something from it? Data, analyzed properly, can objectively confirm or challenge assumptions you have about your business. The process of exploring your data naturally leads to new levels of business understanding that can be used to drive better business outcomes.

Data Visualization


Explore your data visually through interactive charts, tables, and graphs. Dashboards can summarize and visualize data from a single source to an enterprise-wide summary of your company's construction and maintenance activities.


Explore your data spatially on interactive maps and with advanced GIS tools. With a team dedicated to GIS in the energy industry and GIS tool integrations in Epilogue, we are well-positioned to assist with any of your geospatial analysis needs.

Deep Data Analysis

Exploratory Analysis

The surprisingly useful outcomes of data science often lie in exploratory analysis of your data sets leveraging statistics and other data mining tools. If you have data and some idea of a question you would like to explore or answer, we can work with you to discover the answer in your data through intelligent iteration and analysis.


With enough data, you can start to build models that will help you make faster data-driven decisions in the future. Imagine being able to understand what factors affect safety incidents or construction progress and being able to use data to better prevent business risks. That is the power of dynamic, intelligent models.

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Design Best Practices

processes, tools, design consulting

Building & Deploying

data pipelines, extending solutions, system integration

Exposing Insights

data visualization & advanced analysis

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