C-Sys Carbon Reduction System

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The Challenge

Liability: What are the current and potential, GHG related transactional liabilities, and how can we address them?

What is our exposure to GHG related to reporting, shareholders, penalties, taxes?

How does Carbon Intensity impact my company/product competitiveness on both the domestic and global basis?

Public Companies are being sued for there disclosures, and there is no clear standard! How do we develop a credible program that will stand up to scrutiny?

How do we address the upcoming SEC ESG disclosure requirements?

We’ve seen a slew of factor based, one size fits all ESG programs….are there any which are specific to what we do? Anything that can be measured, standardized and reported by a third party?

How do we are meeting IRA 45 Q/V requirements?

We want to leverage our “Green” efforts, is there a system which can help us with this?

ESG reporting is impacting credit, insurance, investment, and valuation; how do we get in front of this? We don’t just need a plan, but help executing the plan.

C-Sys Solution

  • Credibility – 3rd party verification with open access audit trail.
  • Strategy – Guided by Subject Matter Expertise, combined with business focus. Customized to customer/industry needs.
  • Execution – Includes teams for implementation.
  • Reporting – Automation overseen by Expertise with process ”paper trail”.
  • Enables the trade – Currently carbon credits are priced on their credibility/veracity; C-Sys does away with the noise by providing a fully visible audit trail, time date, protocol and age of credits
  • True Carbon Intensity Determination – Non-black box carbon tracking and calculation tool which provides true values rather than factor estimates.
  • Feedstock Recipe Builder – Determines input quantities, based on individual feedstock CI’s. This provides buyers with guidance as to quantity and type of feedstock needed to be purchased in order to target a specific end product CI.
  • 45 Q/V Compliance – Provides real-time audit (and remedy solutions) to ensure compliance with IRA wage/apprenticeship requirements.

Executing Carbon Reduction Projects with Auditable Proof.

C-Sys Carbon Reduction System

C-Sys is tailored toward providing a systematic approach to achieve Carbon Neutrality (Net Zero) with automated annual verification and carbon reduction tracking metrics.

Our solution provides auditable and verified resources to help your organization meet 45 Q/V requirements and stand by your execution on ESG initiatives.

C-Sys Approach to Verifiable Carbon Offset
  • Develop protocols aligned with algorithic metrics.
  • Utilize industry accepted calculation basis.
  • Automate verification.
  • Digitize results.

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